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Our Club

Csata Basketball Ltd was established in 2018 as a natural consequence of the exceptional achievements of the youth basketball academy Csata DSE. This is when we built the Ludovika Csata professional basketball team in cooperation with the National University of Public Service. Our primary goal was and still is to raise our national and international accomplishments of the last 30 years to yet another level.

Our triumphant youth basketball academy Csata DSE has in the meantime developed steadily into a pool of players to supply the professional team with fresh talent. Our aim remains to give our high-potential youth players the opportunity to further develop their career at home, in our own professional team.

Csata DSE has since its existence won first place in many national and international tournaments with teams in various age groups. We have been acting as the most successful specialist workshop for the Hungarian female youth basketball for many years and are determined to continue to do so. Csata DSE provides a strong and reliable backbone for the national team as well, with currently two home-grown players strengthening the adult women’s contingency.

Facts in a nutshell: Csata DSE conquered 40 gold medals in the last couple of years. Our professional team reached the play-offs in season 2021/2022 and achieved 7th place, acquiring the right to participate in the FIBA EuroCup Women 2nd time.

Our long-term objective is to build a team in the capital that is fit to participate in international competitions. We are going to put in every effort possible to achieve this mission as well in the season 2022/2023.



Our home: The Ludovika Aréna

On the basis of our close partnership with the National University of Public Service (NKE), the imposing Ludovika Arena on the university’s renewed campus is now home to our professional team.

As a result of the largest contiguous national university campus development, a new district was born at the site of the National University of Public Service and Orczy Park. Both the Ludovika University Campus and the Ludovika Arena were developed as part of a major government investment.

The jewels of the sports complex on campus are the multifunctional Ludovika Arena and the Swimming Centre. Ludovika Arena houses a 1320-seat sports hall with features including modern exterior and service areas, pull-out mobile stands and state-of-the-art infrastructure, and is suitable to host all types of indoor sports events. It has previously hosted the penthatlon World Championship, the wolleyball European Championship as well as various other international events.

Our intention is to attract with our games and events as many students, local residents, fans and other spectators as possible.

An important aspect when considering forms of sponsorship arrangements with us is that we offer not only exposure through our basketball club (advertising banners, LED wall appearance, branded jerseys, et cetera), but also the opportunity to reach out to the entire audience of the fastest developing university in Hungary.

Ground rules and regulations

1. The spectator sporting event in the first placewill be put into operation if:
o have a valid ticket for entry certificateor other entitlement;
o is obviouslynot in alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating agentinfluence;
o holds no alcohol, narcotic drugs, as well as objects that the holding of sports events, as well as personal and property safety of others are endangered orwhose possession lawon the introduction of a ban on sporting events organizer;
o holds no signof inciting hatred towards others, flag oremblem prohibited by law despotism;
o is not theparas. exclusion pursuant to § 73 (1), the penalty is disqualification from attending sporting events or the scope of the offenseunder the ban;
o agree to thedirector’s request proof of identity;
o complying with the safety standards set by the organizers, clothing, and luggage screening will contribute;
o not take up – or earlier, and /or current behaviordoes not imply the conclusion that itwill continue -any activity that disrupts the sports event, frustrateor threaten the sportevent participants, were arriving orleaving the physical safety or property possessions;
o notes that duringthe sports eventvideo and sound it made;
o notes that duringthe sports event, the organizers of the course is constantly monitored compliance with regulations contained.
2.Sporting event, clothing and package screeningof police officers involved in the provision of sports and eventorganizer is entitled.
3.The participant to enter the field of sports facilities through the turnstileonly marked theentry tickets and season tickets, invitation, selected route may approach thesector and seatsshown on the entrance ticket / rental / invitationcan occupy. If the viewer of this condition or othercall for theorder of thedirector fails to comply, it refuses access to thefacility director. The sports facilities -where it has been the organizer and thedirector has otherwise- only entry point specified in the ticket to leave.
4. If you enter anything in this field or throw, commits an offense specified in thegroup of spectators or viewers isolatedarea. A personhas committed an infringement of the directors withheld and handed over to the policeauthority.
Who sports eventssuch as the faceor obscuring appearsin, which is liable to frustrate the personto be identified bythe authority orperson acting in an official commits an offense.
We call the attention of the viewers XLII in 1999. Protection Actand the use of tobacco products, to comply with certain rules of distribution of the provisions of law relating tonon-smokers.
5.The spectator sporting events:
o court shall adhere to the provisions of these Regulations, the requirements set out by the organizers, and the instructions of the directors;
o may not consume alcohol in the field of sports facilities;
o comply with regulations relating to smoking;
o not engage in any activity that disrupts the order of the sports event, frustrate or end a ngerpersons participating in sporting events and security of property;
o inciting hatredor racist, aggressive, sporty cheerleading theincompatible behavior can not be certified;
o not subject to the prohibition sign, banner andflag on the fence, railing or columnonly place an organizerand the director’s permission, with the external advertising, escape routes should not obscure;
o the time requiredfor the completion of the sporting event, and the organizer, the organizer or the police tocall for the development of personal and property security situation to leave the sports facility;
o may not engage in business, current political activities without official permission, in particular the Ludovika-FCSM Csata and Budapesti Honvéd SE partners independent business activity.
6.If the courtdescribed the policy that the viewer does not comply with:
o Regulations in violation of the courtor at the request of the director of the offending behavior does not stop, the director removesthe sports event;
o The personorganizing the sportsevent is required for removal of refuse ticket sales, as well as to prevent the event to participate in sports (hereinafter referred to as the exclusion from participation in sportingevents). The duration of their participation in thesporting event andexclusions may not be the case for all sportsevents organized bythe organizer to the exclusion of two years and, for the exclusion of specific sports facility can not exceed four years, less than six months;
o who takeup violence directedagainst the actionof committing a crime. The director is the person you want to remove calls to verify your identity. If a disorderly personfails to comply with the notice, the director shall immediately notify the police tothe identity. The police arrival, but up to the end of thethird hour of the notification of the director, the person to be removed to keepthe action recordingvideo recording device;
o damages arising from a breach of the Regulations of the Courtviews the case of injurious viewers moreinvolved in the injury, jointly and severally liable for damages under the general rules of the Civil Codeare. The liabilitydoes not affect the viewer’s offense or criminal liability;
o damaging thesport organization for all costs resulting from the tort obligated to pay, given the fact that theCivil Code shall be liable for damages under the general rules,
7. In the crowd at the time of completion of the sports event, and the organizer, the organizer or the police tocall for the development of personal and property security situation is bound to leave the sports facility. In case of the formation of personal and property security situationand the way the escaperoute of escape -according to plan in advance for the Ludovika-FCSM Csata and Budapesti Honvéd SE – performing on-site policetask instructions shall prevail.
8.For the safe conduct of the organizing sports events:
o cater tothe sports facilities can not be objects defined in the Course Regulations Annex documented receipt,safekeeping and tothe holder of the departure of restitution. The safe storage of itemstaken from storage containers will be solved with the additionof points of entry. If the subject receivedfor safekeeping, owner of the sporting event does not occur within two hours of the completion of the organization can no longer act in accordance with the rules of custody, but kept the items for a maximum of two weeks;
o eligible for the sports facility is not fit, the event can not be objects (eg. umbrella, deodorant, plastic bottles, glass bottles, tools, food, vehicles, etc..) and other organisms (eg. pets) intake of prohibited, and through thisthe organizers checked;
o entitled to the scene of the sports event, the access points, public areas and designated parking areas, unique camera, allowing the identification of the participants of the sports facility to observe and record images as managed in accordance with the legislation.The sporting eventparticipants the entryconditions of the control arrangements and remove the possibility of visible outside thesports facility and in the field, withpictograms also updatednotices – English,German and foreign guests sporting bodylanguage of the country – to inform.
9.The organization linked to the participants’ liability insurance.
10.In order to secure the departure of the participants in the police certain categories of sports facilities may deter viewers.
11.Detailed specifications for the sports event and the spectators, as well as the safety of other participants are regulated by law.
12.The viewer, who in the relevant legislation and regulations in the field, the Ludovika-FCSM Csata and Budapesti Honvéd SE interests directly or indirectly, or in violation of, the predictioncan be removed in case of violation banned from attending the event in case of punishment prevented, and the paras. According to § 73 can be ruled out by the sports organization.
13.Note that the picture and soundrecording facility on! Camera-monitored area