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Our Club

Csata Basketball Ltd was established in 2018 as a natural consequence of the exceptional achievements of the youth basketball academy Csata DSE. This is when we built the Ludovika-FCSM Csata professional basketball team in cooperation with the National University of Public Service. Our primary goal was and still is to raise our national and international accomplishments of the last 30 years to yet another level.

Our triumphant youth basketball academy Csata DSE has in the meantime developed steadily into a pool of players to supply the professional team with fresh talent. Our aim remains to give our high-potential youth players the opportunity to further develop their career at home, in our own professional team.

Csata DSE has since its existence won first place in many national and international tournaments with teams in various age groups. We have been acting as the most successful specialist workshop for the Hungarian female youth basketball for many years and are determined to continue to do so. Csata DSE provides a strong and reliable backbone for the national team as well, with currently two home-grown players strengthening the adult women’s contingency.

Facts in a nutshell: Csata DSE conquered 40 gold medals in the last couple of years. Our professional team has not only reached the play-offs in season 2020/2021, but as the best team of the capital, has also achieved 5th place in the games, acquiring the right to participate in the FIBA EuroCup Women.

Our long-term objective is to build a team in the capital that is fit to participate in international competitions. We are going to put in every effort possible to achieve this mission as well in the 2021/2022 season.


Our home: The Ludovika Aréna

On the basis of our close partnership with the National University of Public Service (NKE), the imposing Ludovika Arena on the university’s renewed campus is now home to our professional team.

As a result of the largest contiguous national university campus development, a new district was born at the site of the National University of Public Service and Orczy Park. Both the Ludovika University Campus and the Ludovika Arena were developed as part of a major government investment.

The jewels of the sports complex on campus are the multifunctional Ludovika Arena and the Swimming Centre. Ludovika Arena houses a 1320-seat sports hall with features including modern exterior and service areas, pull-out mobile stands and state-of-the-art infrastructure, and is suitable to host all types of indoor sports events. It has previously hosted the penthatlon World Championship, the wolleyball European Championship as well as various other international events.

Our intention is to attract with our games and events as many students, local residents, fans and other spectators as possible.

An important aspect when considering forms of sponsorship arrangements with us is that we offer not only exposure through our basketball club (advertising banners, LED wall appearance, branded jerseys, et cetera), but also the opportunity to reach out to the entire audience of the fastest developing university in Hungary.